First summer meeting moved to Sunday

Hello Everyone,

In order for our summer program to be successful, the first meeting will be very important. Many officers and mentors will not be able to attend on Saturday, June 5, as previously scheduled. Therefore, we are moving the first meeting to Sunday, June 6, from 12-2 p.m. We need all available members to attend this meeting. It will be a brief meeting with pizza being served at noon. Timing is crucial, so here is a schedule of events for the meeting. Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Bushroe will provide a brief 15-minute presentation of their summer itinerary. After a little Q and A, everyone, but the members will be asked to leave the room. FIRST has always been a team driven, mentor-guided organization, so after the mentors and parents leave the room, the members will discuss issues, possibility of success, and our intent for our summer program. After 30 minutes, the members will write final details, and present our plan to Gary and Mike for them to finalize the plan. With a realistic timeline, for the project/projects, we need to rely on attendance of the members, who signed up on the master list. Thank you for all your help setting-up this summer program. I am super excited for this summer!

Thanks, William