Welcome to Blue Tide Robotics, the official robotics team of Phoenix Country Day School, located in Paradise Valley, Arizona! Robotics is more than just building and hammering away at robots. Friendship, cooperation, dedication, logic, preparation, and conceptual thinking are just a few of the things that this team accomplishes. The team is a safe haven for anyone who is willing to learn and work hard. Our team consists of nineteen dedicated high-school students--who range from freshmen to senior--and four highly-skilled mentors to help us along the way. You can learn more about the individual members here.

Blue Tide Robotics is a family: we work, endure, win, and lose together. Our motto is “Learn. Do. Teach.” Many other teams that compete in our competition forum, FRC, are run by mentors who do the work for the students, but we strive to be different and focus on being a student-run team with help here and there from our mentors.

This year’s competition is FIRST Steamworks (detailed in the above video)